5th Anniversary Party 6/1

5 YEARS = 5 VARIANTS! To celebrate 5 years as a brewery we will be releasing 5 variants of our barrel aged anniversary stout “Quiet Giant”. Save the date for our big party on June 1st. We’ll have the big top up, lots of food trucks, and plenty of delicious beverages! We’ll be tapping a few goodies on Friday as we warm up for the Giant release on Saturday at 11a. Here is the full tap list and schedule for the party. The can release for all Quiet Giant variants is on Saturday (6/1) at 11am, limits will be announced day of. *Please note that all ouside bars, beer to go, and merch will be cash only.*

Main Bar
-Quiet Giant-Coffee- Bourbon BA Imperial Stout- 14% (taps Friday)
-Quiet Giant-Coconut/Cinnamon- Bourbon BA Imp Stout- 14% (taps Friday)
-Crank It Hop- Simcoe/Ekuanot IPA- 6%
-Crank It Hype- New England IPA- 7%
-Tropical Hype- Mango/Apricot NEIPA- 8%
-Crank It Brut- Brut IPA- 7%
-Prediction?…Pain!- Imperial IPA- 8.5%
-Grapefruit Pain!- Imperial IPA with Grapefruit- 8.5%
-Buzz Lite Beer- Honey Golden Ale- 5.5%
-Czech Your Head- Pilsner- 5.5%
-Blurry Blond- Belgian Blond Ale- 6%
-Udderly Black- Milk Stout- 5.3%
-Mai Way or the Highway- Maibock- 7.5%
-Intoxicator- Doppelbock- 8.5%
-Bourbon Barrel Aged Lord Humongous- Four Roses BA Barleywine- 11%
-Scotch Barrel Aged Lord Humongous- Ex-Islay Scotch/Bourbon BA Barleywine- 11%
-Straw- Foeder Aged Saison- 6%
-Blanc- Foeder Aged Berliner Weisse- 4.5%

Savage Oak Room Bar
-Giant- 2 year BA Imperial Stout with Sherry Flor- 18%
-Abbey- Red Wine BA Belgian Stout with Brett & Raspberries- 10% (1 sixtel only)
-Brother- White Wine BA Saison with Brett & Pear- 10% (1 sixtel only)
-Raspberry Gold- Lambic Inspired Sour Golden Ale with Raspberries- 7% (1 sixtel only)
-Admiral- Barrel Aged Belgian Dubbel with Brettanomyces- 8%
-Cucumber Lime Blanc- Foeder Aged Berliner Weisse- 5% (1 sixtel only)
-Apricot Blanc- Foeder Aged Berliner Weisse- 5%
-Mango Straw- Foeder Aged Saison- 6%

Quiet Giant Bar (outside, cash only)
*On All Day*
-Quiet Giant-Coffee- Bourbon BA RIS- 14%
-Quiet Giant-Coconut/Cinnamon- Borbon BA RIS- 14%
-Quiet Giant-Blueberry/Rye- Rye BA RIS- 14%
-Quiet Giant-2 Year- Bourbon BA RIS- 14%
-Quiet Giant-Double Barrel- Port-Bourbon/Brandy BA RIS- 14%
*Timed Tappings (all 1 sixtel only)*
-2018 Quiet Giant-Coco/Vanilla- Bourbon BA RIS- 14%- 12pm
-2018 Quiet Giant-Raspberry- Bourbon BA RIS- 14%- 1pm
-2017 Quiet Giant-Vanilla/Cinnamon- Bourbon BA RIS- 14%- 2pm
-2018 Quiet Giant-Aquavit BA RIS- 14%- 3pm

Infusion/Cocktail Bar (outside, cash only, all 1 keg only)
-Honey Nut Beerios- Honey Ale with Pecans- 5.5%
-Berry Blond- Mixed Berry Belgian Blond- 6%
-Peach-o De Mai-o- Chipotle/Peach Maibock- 7.5%
-Orange Brut- Brut IPA with Orange- 7%
-Watermelon/Cucumber Gin & Juice
-Mango Margarita

Outside Bar (cash only)
-Crank It Hop- Citra/El Dorado IPA- 6%
-Crank It Hype- New England IPA- 7%
-Tropical Hype- Mango/Apricot NEIPA- 8%
-Grapefruit Pain!- IIPA with Grapefruit- 8.5%
-Czech Your Head- Pilsner- 5.5%
-Blurry Blond- Belgian Blond Ale- 6%

Food Truck Schedule
Friday 5/31- 5pm
The Roaming Hog
Twisted Classics
Saturday 6/1- 11am
Burger Antics
Chicago Pizza Boss
Smokin’ BBQ Kitchen
N’awlins Edibles Catering & Personal Chef Services
Saturday 6/1- 4pm
Ofrenda Food Truck
Doctor Dogs

**2019 Quiet Giant Variants**
-Coffee- Aged 1 year in Bourbon barrels. After barrel aging we added a special blend of coffee from Ten Drops Coffee and a bit of real vanilla beans.
-Coconut/Cinnamon- Aged 1 year in Bourbon barrels. After barrel aging we added real toasted coconut, Ceylon cinnamon sticks, and a bit of real vanilla beans.
-Blueberry Rye- Aged 1 year in Woodford Reserve Rye Whiskey barrels with 100% real Blueberry juice added to the barrels. Adding the fruit to the barrels allows the simple sugars to ferment, preventing the beer from becoming overly sweet.
-Double Barrel- Aged for 7 months in Breckenridge Port/Bourbon barrels and then for 3 months in Copper and Kings Brandy barrels. The result is a strong sipper with a complex fruit character.
-2 year- Aged a full 2 years in Four Roses Bourbon barrels.

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