Awesome 8th Giant Anniversary Party

The Giant is back and we are like totally ready to celebrate our AWESOME 8th Anniversary event in Willow Springs! We will once again be featuring “Quiet Giant” our 14% Barrel Aged Anniversary Stout. This year’s 5 rad variants come in an gnarly array of barrel aging treatments and adjuncts (listed below). The base version was aged 2 years in a blend of Baker’s & Willett Bourbon barrels. The Giant will be released on draft on Friday the 3rd, and the can release will follow on Saturday the 4th at 11am. On Saturday we’ll also have some schweet giant outdoor games, a variety of our flagship beers, infusion beers, retro barrel aged righteousness, mixed drinks, cider, wine, and the big top tent set up with an outdoor pour station. This party is gonna be tight man!

Quiet Giant Variants:
* Double Barrel aged in Blanton’s Bourbon for 9 months and Heaven Hill Rye for 3 month’s.
* Chocolate & Vanilla aged 1 year in Elijah Craig & Buffalo Trace Bourbon.
* Coconut & Macadamia aged 1 year in Elijah Craig & Buffalo Trace Bourbon.
* Black Currant aged 1 year in Templeton Rye Whiskey
* 2 Year Aged in Baker’s & Willet Bourbon.

Full Tap List Coming Soon: Dont Spazz out its gonna be choice!

Where’s The Beef !?!:
Friday – Lil’ Debs Eats
Saturday – Taco’s Mario > Smokin’ BBQ > TBA
Sunday – Walley’s Waffles

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