Imperial Oak-tober Fest(s)!

Thanks a lot to everyone who came out and made our first Brookfield Oak-toberfest a success! We still have all of the German beers available on tap and in cans to go. We also have a limited amount of the .5L steins for sale. $15 includes your first fill of any 16 oz beer. See you in a couple of weeks for Oak-toberfest in Willow Springs.!

We’re kicking things back up for the 8th annual Willow Springs Imperial Oak-toberfest on September 24th & 25th. This 2 day event will feature the release of “Das Boot” our traditional Marzen style Oktoberfest bier which will be available in cans and on tap, along with several other German favorites including “Hefe’nother” Hefeweizen, “Nobody’s Alt But Mine” Altbier, and “Cranken Sie Hop” our German Hopped IPA. We’re also releasing “Crank It Fresh” our Wet Hopped IPA and Bourbon Barrel Aged “Sinister Minister” our Belgian Quad aged in Quincy Street Bourbon barrels along with an Almond/Cinnamon variant.
We’ll bring out the logo’d drinking Boots, food trucks, and of course the oompah under the big top returns! We’ll have The Polka Pals on Friday and the much anticipated return of Super Oberkreiner on Saturday!

****Willow Springs (9/24-25) Details****

The lot and street in front of the brewery will be closed for the event. Please enter the event on Market Street. Parking is allowed on the streets around the brewery except where otherwise indicated. Parking is also allowed in the Metra lot and Village lot on the other side of the bridge. We also have use of the large lot on the other side of the tracks, follow the signs for “Local Business Parking”. Please do not park in the Forest Preserve lot. See map below.

**Half Liter Logo drinking Boots**
$15 includes first fill, can be refilled with any 16 oz beer for regular price, quantity limited

**On Tap Inside**
-Das Boot!- Oktoberfest Lager- 5.4%
-Hefe’nother- Hefeweizen- 5.5%
-Cranken Sie Hop- German Hop IPA- 6%
-Nobody’s Alt But Mine- Altbier- 5.5%
-Crank It Fresh- Wet Hop IPA- 6%
-Sinister Minister- Belgian Quad- 10.5%
-Bourbon BA Sinister Minister- 11%
-BBA Sinister Minister- Cinnamon/Almond- 11%
-Buzz Lite Beer- Honey Golden Ale- 5.5%
-Czech Your Head- Pilsner- 5.5%
-717- Pale Ale- 5.4%
-Crank It Hype- New England IPA-7%
-Crank It Dank- West Coast IPA- 7%
-Lil’ Pain- Session IPA- 4.7%
-Prediction?…Pain!- Imperial IPA- 8.5%
-Famer’s Daughter- Saison- 6%
-Udderly Black- Milk Stout- 5.3%
-Straw- Foeder Aged Saison- 6%
-Passion Fruit Straw- Foeder Saison- 6%
-Mango Blanc- Foeder Aged Berliner Weisse- 4.5%
-Cherry Lime Blanc- Foeder Aged Berliner Weisse- 4.5%

**Outside Beer Stations (Saturday; CASH ONLY)**
-Das Boot- Oktoberfest- 5.4%
-Hefe’nother- Hefe’weizen- 5.5%
-Cranken Sie Hop- German Hop IPA-6%
-Crank It Fresh- Wet Hop IPA- 6%
-Crank It Hype- New England IPA- 7%
-Czech Your Head- Pilsner- 5.2%
-Das Nuts- Pecan/Almond Oktoberfest- 5.4%
-Das Gourds- Pumpkin Spiced Oktoberfest- 5.4%
-Watermelon Basil Buzz- Honey Ale- 5.5%
-Hefe’nother Strawberry Banana- Hefeweizen- 5.5%
-Czech Your Elders- Elderflower Pils- 5.2%
-Blueberry Pomegranate Farmer- Saison- 6%

**Live Music**
-Friday-Polka Pals- 7pm-10pm
-Saturday- Super Oberkreiner- Sets at 3, 5, 7, 9 pm

**Food Trucks**
-Friday- Puff Truck- 5pm
-Saturday 12pm- Wally’s Waffles, Chucks & Happy Times
-Saturday- 2pm- Tacos Marios
-Saturday- 5pm- Twisted Classics & Lil’ Deb’s Eats