Wally’s Waffles Watch Parties in Willow Springs

Let the Games Begin! Come watch, and cheer on, our friends from Wally’s Waffles as they cook their way through this season’s Great Food Truck Race on the Food Network. Wally’s will be in Willow Springs for every Sunday’s airing of the program to share some insight from their experience. Prior to our big screen showing, they’ll be serving up their waffles and a little something special featured on the show!! The season kicks off from Houston on June 30th, where their epic nine-city road trip for $50,000 across America’s Gulf Coast begins. Join us for waffles on Sundays in Willow Springs before the show starts at 7pm! The series airs Sunday’s through August 18th, and we’ll be showing every step of the way! Good luck to the Wally’s Waffles crew!

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