Food Truck Schedule

Here is the current food truck schedule. Please check back for updates as trucks do change or cancel from time to time. You are also always welcome to bring/order food.

-Thursday 2/25- Mario’s Tacos- 3pm
-Friday 2/26- Smokin’ BBQ Kitchen- 5pm
-Saturday 2/27- Smokin’ BBQ Kitchen- 3pm
-Sunday 2/28- Mario’s Cart- 12 pm

-Thursday 3/4- Mario’s Tacos- 5pm
-Friday 3/5- Smokin’ BBQ Kitchen- 5pm
-Saturday 3/6- Aztec Dave’s- 4pm
-Sunday 3/7- Mario’s Cart- 1 pm

-Thursday 3/11- Mario’s Tacos- 5pm
-Friday 3/12- Mario’s Tacos- 5pm
-Saturday 3/13- Twisted Classics 11am, Smoke Daddy’s- 5pm
-Sunday 3/14- Puff Pizza- 1 pm

-Thursday 3/18- Mario’s Tacos- 5pm
-Friday 3/19- Arnold’s Tacos- 5pm
-Saturday 3/20- Cheesie’s- 4pm
-Sunday 3/21- Smokin’ BBQ Kitchen- 1 pm

-Thursday 3/25- Mario’s Tacos- 5pm
-Friday 3/26- Smokin’ BBQ Kitchen- 5pm
-Saturday 3/27- Twisted Classics- 4pm
-Sunday 3/28- Mario’s Cart- 1 pm

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