Tap List

In light of the recent shelter in place order and the likelihood that we will not be able to open for on premise sales until at least April 8th we have set up an on-line store in order to start an on-line ordering and curbside pick up program. We are offering all of our beers in some form. We have cans, bottles, crowlers, growlers, and even 5.3 gallon plastic kegs if you have a home kegerator. You can also purchase $25 gift cards for future use or gifts. Simply select the items you’d like and click “view cart” from one of your items to get to the check out. From there you can pay with a credit card.

We feel that the safest thing to do in order to minimize exposure to staff and customers is to do a curbside pick up. Simply pull into our lot and someone will come out, show them your ID, and we’ll grab your order. If no one sees you give us a call at (708) 330-5096 when you get there. This is a fluid situation with new information coming out every day so check back regularly for updates. Here again is the link to the online store.

If you would like to leave a tip for our staff please use our on-line tip bucket. We will not be exchanging cash or credit cards. Thank you all for your support.

***Main Bar Taps***
-Bourbon Barrel Aged Udder Madness- Imperial Milk Stout-11%
-Bourbon Barrel Aged Udder Madness- Chocolate/Pecan- Imperial Milk Stout- 11%
-Crank It Hop- Citra/El Dorado Hopped IPA- 6%
-Crank It Hype- New England IPA- 7%
-Prediction?…Pain!- Imperial IPA- 8.5%
-Lil’ Pain!- Session IPA- 4.7%
-Imperial Pain!- Imperial Imperial IPA- 12%
-Frosted Wit- Belgian Wit with Vanilla- 5.5%
-Farmer’s Daughter- Saison- 6.2%
-Czech Your Head- Pilsner- 5.2%
-Buzz Lite Beer- Honey Golden Ale- 5.5%
-Admiral Ackbeer- Its a Trapp-ist! Style Dubbel- 7%
-Dunkelschizer- Dunkelweizen- 6.5%
-Starkerschizer- Golden Weizenbock- 7.8%
-Intoxicator- Doppelbock- 7.8%
-Dark Helmet- Schwarzbier- 5.8%
-Udderly Black- Milk Stout- 5.4% (Also on Nitro)

***Savage Oak Room Taps***
—Savage Oak (sour/wild) Beers—
-Blanc- Foeder Aged Brett Berliner Weisse- 4.5% (Traditional Raspberry and Woodruff syrups available)
-Guava Blanc- Foeder Aged Berliner Weisse with Guava- 4.5%
-Currant Ruby- Foeder Aged Flanders Red with Currant- 8%
-Raspberry Ruby- Foeder Aged Flanders Red with Raspberry- 8%
*-Nutty Piper- Macadamia Nut Scottish Ale- 5.5%
*-Pot o’ Gold- Lemon/Vanilla Pils with Glitter- 5.2%
*-Udderly Thin Mint- Chocoalte/Mint Milk Stout- 5.3%
*-PB & J Shack- Peanut/Mixed Berry Maple Brown- 7%
*one keg only, not available to go

***On Premise Bottles- Savage Oak (500 mL)***
-Sinister- Red Wine BA Sour Quad with Cherry- 11%
-Abbey- Red Wine BA Belgian Stout with Brettanomyces and Raspberry- 10%
-Ruby- Foeder Aged Flanders Red- 8%
-Blanc- Foeder Aged Brett Berliner Weisse- 4.5%
-Tequila Barrel Aged Blanc- Brett Berliner Weisse- 4.5%
-Pineapple Blanc- Foeder Aged Brett Berliner Weisse- 4.5%
-Mixed Berry Blanc- Foeder Aged Berliner Weisse- 4.5%
-Straw- Foeder Aged Saison- 6%
-Gin Barrel Aged Straw- Foeder/Barrel Aged Saison- 6%
-Cranberry Straw- Foeder Saison with Cranberry- 6%

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