Willow Springs Tap List

Here is what we currently have available on tap at our Willow Springs location. Prices do not include tax.

Oak-toberfest Beers

Das Boot!- Oktoberfest/Marzen- 5.4% ABV, 14 IBU- 16 oz $6, 5 oz $2.5

Our take on the traditional Oktoberfest lager is malt forward without being overly sweet. We use lots of Munich malt for the rich, toasty, malt character and a touch of Cara Munich for a bit of sweetness and body.

Kaiser- Kolsch- 5.2% ABV, 16 IBU- 16 oz $6, 5 oz $2.5

Kolsch is a traditional German ale brewed at a lower temperature to create a clean beer similar to German light lagers. German Pilsner and a bit of Vienna malt provide the bready, slightly sweet malt backbone with just enough hop bitterness and flavor to balance. The yeast provides a background fruitiness and a crisp, dry finish.

Cranken Sie Hop- German Hopped IPA- 6% ABV, 50 IBU- 16 oz $7, 5 oz $3

Each batch of Crank It Hop features different hops. This batch features 3 newer German Hops (Manderina Bavaria, Huell Melon, and Halertau Blanc) that have a very fruit forward character (citrus, melon, strawberry, pineapple, grape) more similar to American and Southern Hemisphere varieties than typical German varieties.

Hefe’nother- German Hefeweizen- 5.5% ABV, 14 IBU- 16 oz $6, 5 oz $2.5

A light and refreshing beer brewed with German Pilsner and wheat malts. The traditional German Weizen yeast provides the spicy and fruity character often described as banana and clove.

Dunkelschizer- Dunkelweizen- 6% ABV, 10 IBU- 16 oz $6, 5 oz $2.5

Dunkelweizen is a dark version of the classic German Hefeweizen. The same yeast is used giving the beer the banana and clove characteristics typical of German Wheat beers. The darker color comes from the use of Munich malt and a touch of crystal malt which gives the beer a toasted bread character with a bit of sweetness.

Das Nuts!- Mixed Nut Oktoberfest- 5.4% ABV, 14 IBU- 16 oz $7, 5 oz $3

Das Boot!, Oktoberfest, with real, toasted Pecans, Almonds, Peanuts, and Macadamia Nuts with a hint of vanilla. 1 keg only

Das Gourds!- Pumpkin Spiced Oktoberfest- 5.4% ABV, 14 IBU- 16 oz $7, 5 oz $3

Das Boot!, Oktoberfest, with real, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Ginger, Cloves, Allspice, Vanilla, and Orange Zest. 1 keg only

Oak-toberfest Beers- Outside Only (CASH Only)

Udderly Neapolitan- Chocolate/Vanilla/Strawberry Milk Stout- 5.3% ABV, 20 IBU- 16 oz $7, 5 oz $3

Udderly Black, Milk Stout, with real Cocoa Nibs, Vanilla beans, and Strawberries. 1 keg only

Czech Your Cucs- Cucumber/Watermelon Pilsner- 5.2% ABV, 30 IBU- 16 oz $7, 5 oz $3

Czech Your Head, Pilsner, with real Watermelon and Cucumber added. 1 keg only

Barrel Aged

Barrel Aged Sinister Minister- Rye Whiskey BA Belgian Quadrupel- 12% ABV- 12 oz $8.5, 5 oz $4.5

Sinister Minister, Belgian Style Quadrupel, aged for a year in Templeton 10 year Rye Whiskey Barrels. The barrel aging adds complexity with notes of rye spice, whiskey, dark fruits, vanilla, baking spices, and oak.

Barrel Aged Sinister Minister- Cinnamon/Pecan- Rye BA Quad- 12% ABV- 12 oz $8.5, 5 oz $4.5

Rye Whiskey Barrel Aged Sinister Minister with real, toasted Pecans, Saigon and Ceylon Cinnamon sticks, and real Vanilla beans added after aging.


Dave’s Pale Ale- Citra/Galaxy Pale Ale- 5.5%ABV, 40 IBU- 16 oz $7, 5 oz $3

Brewed using a “Hop Bursting” technique where all of the hops are added towards the end of the boil and as dry hops. This gives the beer a smoother bitterness with lots of hop aroma and flavor. The hops used are Citra and Australian Galaxy. The beer is named after home brewer Dave Fetty, who has won several awards with this recipe.

Crank It Fresh- Wet Hopped IPA- 6% ABV, 50 IBU- 16 oz $7.5, 5 oz $3.5

This is a special version of Crank It Hop using freshly picked “wet” hops. For this batch we got fresh Centennial hops and used them within 48 hours of harvest. Centennial is a classic American IPA hop with a bright citrus character and notes of pine.

Crank It Dank- West Coast Style IPA- 7% ABV, 60 IBU- 16 oz $7, 5 oz $3

West Coast IPAs are typically brewed to showcase hops with very little malt character. Our version is brewed with a very simple malt bill of Pale and Pilsner malt and a bit of sugar to dry the beer out. It is aggressively hopped with Ekuanot, Citra and Mosaic. These are newer hop varieties that are bred to have a strong, pungent aroma and flavor often described as “dank”.

Crank It Hype- New England Style IPA- 7% ABV, 25 IBU- 16 oz $7.5, 5 oz $3.5

Fuller in body and less bitter than a traditional IPA but our version stops short of being sweet like a lot of examples, keeping the beer more drinkable. 4+ pounds per barrel of hops are used, all of which are added in the whirlpool and as dry hops. This extracts less bitterness from the hops, and gives the beer a strong, “juicy” hop flavor.

Lil’ Pain- Session IPA- 4.7% ABV, 35 IBU- 16 oz $7, 5 oz $3

This version of Prediction?…Pain! Is brewed with a lot less malt to be an easy drinking quencher. We used the same hop varieties, and the same amount of aroma and dry hops as regular Pain. Yes you read that right, this beer uses the same amount of flavor/aroma hops as our Imperial IPA resulting in a huge hop aroma and flavor that will keep you coming back for more.

Prediction?…Pain!- Imperial IPA- 8.5% ABV, 85 IBU- 12 oz $7.5, 5 oz $3.5

More balanced than a lot of IIPAs with a focus more on flavor and aroma hops than bitterness. Hopped with Ekuanot, Simcoe and Mosaic. These hops create a complex blend of flavors including citrus, tropical fruit, berry, passion fruit, peach, and pine.


Buzz Lite Beer- Honey Golden Ale- 5.5% ABV, 13 IBU- 16 oz $6, 5 oz $2.5

Very drinkable and refreshing but still full flavored. This beer is brewed with local Honey from Smith-Talbot Apiaries. The honey flavor and sweetness are accentuated by the addition of Honey Malt and Flaked Corn. *Gluten Reduced*

Blurry Blond- Belgian Blond Ale- 6% ABV, 14 IBU- 16 oz $6, 5 oz $2.5

Light and drinkable Belgian style ale brewed with Pilsner and a bit of wheat malt. The fruitiness and hint of spice is provided by the Belgian yeast.


Sinister Minister- Belgian Style Quadrupel- 10.5% ABV, 15 IBU- 12 oz $7.5, 5 oz $3.5

A rich and warming strong, Belgian ale brewed with a bit of Munich Malt and Dark Crystal Malt for a rich malt character with notes of toasted bread and toffee. Dark Candi Syrup adds dark fruit and rum notes that pair well with the fruitiness and spiciness from the Belgian yeast.

Udderly Black- Milk Stout- 5.3% ABV, 20 IBU- 16 oz $6, 5 oz $2.5

A blend of roasted malts give the beer its rich chocolate and coffee character. The body and sweetness are provided by crystal malts and the addition of Lactose (Milk Sugar) which is not fermented by beer yeast. Served on nitro

Savage Oak (Sour/Wild) More info on Savage Oak

Mango Blanc- Foeder Aged Brett Berliner Weisse- 4.5% ABV- 11 oz $7, 5 oz $3.5

Our take on the classic German style sour wheat beer is co-fermented with Lactobacillus bacteria and a blend of fruit forward Brettanomyces and then aged in an Oak Foeder. The result is a more complex version of the style with a smooth but noticeable sourness and notes of tropical and stone fruit, citrus, oak, and a mild funk. After Foeder aging, this version has an additional aging in stainless with real Mango juice. Adding the juice to the fermenter allows the simple sugars to ferment, preventing the beer.

Cherry Straw- Foeder Aged Brett Saison- 6% ABV, 23 IBU- 11 oz $7, 5 oz $3.5

Fermented with Belgian Saison yeast and then aged for a year in an Oak Foeder with our custom blend of fruit forward Brettanomyces. The Saison yeast and Brett produce a strong fruitiness with notes of tropical fruits (pineapple, mango), citrus, cherry, berries, a mild earthy funk, and a slightly tart, dry finish. After Foeder aging, this version has an additional aging in stainless with real tart Cherry juice. Adding the juice to the fermenter allows the simple sugars to ferment, preventing the beer.

On Premise Bottles

In addition to the beers on tap, all of the Savage Oak bottles in our to-go cooler are available for on site consumption for a $2 service fee. Bring the bottle to the bar and your bartender will pour it for you, open bottles must remain behind the bar.

More than Beer

We also offer cocktails, mocktails, wine, cider, kombucha, and more. Ask your bartender for more info.

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